Watching the World Fall

In May of 2010, I self-published my first novel, “Watching the World Fall.” This came after 9+ years of blundering and another two years of editing, rewriting, fretting and waiting on responses from potential agents. You can guess which part didn’t actually happen.

More than once, I’ve considered revisiting the story to tighten it (cutting from 83k words) and beef up the language here and there. However, I don’t regret anything about the story (even the lengthy mistakes process) which is to say that nothing about the story or characters really deserves revision. It’s far from perfect, but, as a psychological thriller about an anti-hero who faces his mistakes, it is the story I always wanted to tell.

You can read a sample here and another sample here.

Watching the World Fall's waterfall-helix cover with name, titleThe book is available on Amazon, Kindle, through Smashwords and other avenues.