The Churning

I’m super-happy that this baby is published! Now the marketing push continues.

“The Churning” is the story of Persian-American striker Arman Hessabi and his journey from brash EPL soccer star to hostage to changed man. Tons of work went into it, of course (read about that here) and I had to make a number of mistakes. That’s part of the game, part of the art. What I’ve got now is a kick-ass novel that, my reviewers agree, tells the complete story of an athlete and the Beautiful Game.

Figure in chains holding a soccer ball before a cobblestone road, cover for "The Churning"

The novel is available on Kindle, ebook readers, Amazon (paperback) and soon in other spots. I plan to have the audio-book version available, soon.

Check it out!


FYI: Seattle-based Hessabi plays for Culverhouse Crossing (the Sentries), a fictional team and seaport on England’s North Sea coast. It just seemed easier to invent an up-and-coming side (and a town of ex-Londoners) than deal with disgruntled Chelsea or Liverpool fans who would claim I got this tourney win wrong or that player’s best moment wrong. CC’s kits are orange with black archery-slit crosses running down the sides. I’d actually like to have a batch of them produced for readers’ contests and such (we’ll see if I get around to that).

To read a deleted scene with Hessabi and his manager, Periconi, click here. (It was fun to write, but didn’t make the cut.)

…more details to come…