The Churning, the novel

In November 2013, I self-published my second novel, The Churning. Seattle outfit BookTrope picked up the book and republished it (in tighter form and with a brilliant cover) in December 2015.

The skinny: “A wonderful and moving story about an all-time US soccer star who wakes up with a massive hangover, tied up to a chair, knowing he is about to be executed. His tormentors ‘soften him up’ at regularly intervals, taunt him, and show him a glinting blade. Our hero reaps the fruits of his stupendous gifts — money, fame, girls — and indeed soccer is the only thing he knows how to do. Now he is again a nobody, a little punk, and he has to figure out a way to get out of alive. What the author does prodigiously well is to show how our hero’s thoughts pull in squarely opposite directions. On the one hand, he is tempted to re-live his greatest feats and wallow in global adulation to soothe himself, his mind refusing to accept the stark reality of imminent death. On the other hand, another part of his brain urges him to focus, to summon up enough energy, to think, to find enough intellectual resources to figure things out fast, for this is overtime and sudden death.

–Amazon Review

There were a few other pieces and sneak peeks to go along with teasers.