Endgame Glossary

rough draft for the novel “Endgame”



Humans = human beings

Sec = second

Min = minute (mins = minutes)

Leg = yard or three feet

Bar = standard weight unit, about three pounds

Heap = standard large weight unit, about 700 bars (2,100 pounds)

Degs = degrees, as in view (full panorama is 400 degs)

Giovanni 19 = Vereeth’s rifle

Joffe = sniper chief who dies at close of second chapter

Mitasterites = bad guys (aggressors of the Great War) Mitties for short

Kyss X and Kyss Y =twin suns—a binary star system that will eventually eat itself

Trieste Union = good guys

Flicking = fucking, flick = fuck (non-sexual use)

Satok = shit

Szellenyte = the red crystal fuel the Mitasterites are after, a natural product of Preciless 75 (and another moon)

Sky Claws = Mitasterite aerial support, a 2-man weapons platform

Prubius and Bohl CANNOT use contractions—a quirk of Pashunderrans’ and Tchushkins’ understanding of our language

Pigrahb root = Common Pashunderran staple food, versatile and smelly

Turops = Mitasterite currency; P-75 mission would be measured in millions of turops

Tchushkin = lavender-skinned aliens from Tchushkolarya, a planet in the Trieste Union; Bohlshivra is Tchushkin

Crips = Tchushkin ‘hair’ tendrils, males have two, females have three

Jagurprops = the Pashunderran hermit

Sigundhai = T.U. planet

Rhyosh = T.U. planet, home of the military’s Central Command

Antahrrus Five = T.U. supply planet. The proto-magnetic field protects the farming world from current Mitties’ technology, necessitating the quest for szellenyte on P-75.

Precor Max = June’s home planet (aunt and uncle live on Northern Reach continent)

Kuyushan = Shipbuilders race

Helops = planet of the Heloppikans, whose two-decade war with the Kuyushan nearly wiped them out

Sycarsus = a small arboreal world on the frontier, sparsely populated (by people) but with notable, travel-worthy features like the Nikos Wall

Shen-Zinkh = rogue planet outside the T.U., best known for stunning beaches and for piracy/smuggling activities. It is the farthest known civilized world from T.U.

Geridia = an atmospheric element on P-75 which lends a hazelnut flavor to the air and, in upper atmosphere, causes Conversion of the sky from green to purple at noon

Vishulahrya = beautiful, magical playground planet for the wealthy, popular among Kuyushan and other elites; the galaxy’s Hawaii


Snow mountainous image with red lettering for Endgame and author Justin Edison