Endgame, the novel

In October of 2016, I self-published my third novel, and first in the Woman At War series, Endgame.

Justin Edison's Endgame teaser featuring a bluish ice cave with conflict dialogue in red.

The skinny: “Following a disastrous victory, sniper captain June Vereeth and four soldiers are stranded on the frozen world of Preciless 75. They have only a few days’ worth of food, their wits and their weapons. Without radio or satellite help, there’s no means of contacting the nearest friendly outpost, 70 million miles away. The local wildlife includes dangerous predators. Best of all, their relentless adversaries – the Mitasterites – are coming back.
Captain Vereeth never wanted to lead troops. Now, she and her team must engineer an escape from P-75 – if they can live long enough.”

Endgame cover by Greg Simanson Designs. Cover shows characters, rockets and a woman's eye against a green-ice background and twin suns, orange lettering. "The war begins" is added at the top.

Along with sneak peeks are two short stories and assorted thoughts on the project.