Clash of Clans Stories/Advertisements

From Clash of Clans by Supercell



A Builder is tired, having just finished up a new elixir storage unit. He trudges toward his hut to sleep.

The Archer Queen looks around her village.

ARCHER QUEEN (to herself): Hmm. We could use another archer tower over there.

The Archer Queen goes to the builder’s hut, where the Builder is just about to retire.

ARCHER QUEEN: Hey, we need a new archer tower.

BUILDER: No way, Ma’am. I’m going to sleep.

ARCHER QUEEN: It would really help shore up our defenses.

BUILDER: Ask me next week.

ARCHER QUEEN: Sure I can’t convince you?

Archer Queen starts to unbuckle her skirt.

Focus switches to Builder, as we hear the rustle of clothing behind him.


Builder looks back and up at her. We hear an ANGELIC HARMONY and BIRDS CHIRPING as his face lights up gold. He smiles stupidly.

BUILDER: (elated) (grabs coffee mug from inside) I’ll get right on it, Ma’am.

Elsewhere, Grand Warden notes this exchange and rubs his chin. He spies another Builder (#2) and goes to him.

Builder #2 finishes a gold mine and wipes his brow.

BUILDER #2: Bedtime for Bonzo.

Builder #2 turns to go to his hut. Grand Warden catches up with him.

GRAND WARDEN: Mister Builder. I could really use a snazzier lab.

BUILDER #2: (exhausted) Sorry, Pal. Talk to the other guy. (mumbling) Been at this a week and now they want more.

Grand Warden glances over to the other Builder working on a new archer tower. He turns back to Builder #2 (who’s not paying attention). Grand Warden approaches Builder #2, strikes a pose and starts to unbuckle his outfit.

GRAND WARDEN (off-screen): You-hoo…!

Builder #2 (tired, nonplussed) turns and looks at Grand Warden. From behind, we see Grand Warden’s robes and belt down, and he’s bare-legged down to his slippers. We hear DARK, SILLY MUSIC playing (off-screen).

Builder #2 stiffens, face scowling, and falls over petrified.

Hog Rider and Barbarian are walking by, see the dead Builder #2 and look up at Grand Warden. Both of them cringe.

HOG RIDER: (disgusted) Gah! It is too early in the morning for THAT!

Mr. Hog Rider from the Clash of Clans game

Second video:

A goblin strolls across the village green and pauses when he sees a few gold coins. From behind a bush, a Hog Rider and a Barbarian watch, snickering. The goblin goes for the gold and a spring trap launches him over the wall. The Hog Rider and Barbarian laugh.

HOG RIDER: Let’s do that again.

An Archer comes up to them as they start resetting the trap.

ARCHER: Boys, is that a good use of resources?

BARBARIAN: Oh, come on. We’ve got so many of them!

Hog Rider nudges him. Hog Rider gets out a gem and sets it on the trap. He and Barbarian hustle behind the bushes. A Wizard is coming.

HOG RIDER: Look at me, Mister Fancy Robes. I’m pretty.

The Wizard sees the gem and looks very pleased. Stroking his goatee, he bends over to pick it up. Behind the bushes, Hog Rider’s face lights up in anticipation.

The spring trap goes off. Hog Rider and Barbarian jump out, about to shout ‘gotcha’, when they look up.

Wizard is stuck headfirst in a flying Baby Dragon’s mouth.

WIZARD: (muffled) Confound it, not again!

Wizard starts shooting fireballs randomly about as the Baby Dragon farts fire.

The fireballs turn Hog Rider’s hog into a ham dinner and singe an angry Valkyrie’s hair.

There are two Pekka’s nearby comparing flowers. A fireball hits one Pekka’s armor and ricochets onto the other’s. As Hog Rider and Barbarian watch, the fireball bounces back and forth several times between Pekkas before flying off.

The fireball hits a dark elixir drill and breaks the base. The dark elixir hose flops free and into the mouth of a passing Wallbreaker. Wallbreaker doesn’t drop his bomb.

Hog Rider and Barbarian look on in horror as, off-screen, Wallbreaker is growing huge. Hog Rider hops into Barbarian’s arms.

Wallbreaker is enormous, 30 feet tall, with a huge bomb lit.

WALLBREAKER (giant’s slow voice): Magic?!

Wallbreaker walks up to them.

Archer, thinking fast, nudges the ground with her foot.

The spring trap goes off, launching Wallbreaker high into the air. Wallbreaker explodes with a huge blast. Hog Rider, Barbarian and Archer watch the fireworks with wonder.

Soon, they are approached by a surly crowd of a flattened-accordion goblin, an angry burned-hair Valkyrie, a builder and the Wizard trying to fix his enormous, dragon-slobbered hair.

Hog Rider, Barbarian and Archer back away slowly.

HOG RIDER (pointing at Barbarian): Um, he did it!

Hog Rider grabs the ham dinner and runs as the others give chase.