(a daily affirmation)

Hey you out there –

Writer, musician, philosopher

You in there –

Artist, composer

Today’s the day

The world is open

Today can be a huge day

The world is wide open

There are blank pages

Sharpened pencils

Notes at the ready

Arm yourself with smock, hat

A warm cup of joe

Today’s your day

Dig in your heels, prepare to spring

The clouds are puffy, get ready – take wing

That canvas is blank, wide-open and true

That canvas is blank – it’s all for you

Stop moping, start pacing

Stop sitting, start racing

Tones, lives, words – start placing

You do this alone, but we’re all with you.


A fancy quill pen and ink pot for Justin Edison's Launch daily affirmation.
Red lights from bank of walkie-talkies at Camp Hamilton lodge
Harlaxton Manor and College, United Kingdom