Woman at War (June Vereeth Universe) Terms, Names, Etc.


June Vereeth–Human, sharpshooter captain.

Prubius–June’s best friend, a Pashunderran and fellow sharpshooter

Hulk–An Army captain

Colonel Westerveldt–Mission leader on Zycarsus

Heller–Climbing leader on Zycarsus

Laren-Lay–A blind Pashunderran translator

Allee–A Tchushkin climber who is wounded on Zycarsus

Colonel Naranha–Base chief on Ringerra

Vonash–Pashunderran vice commander, chief trainer on Ringerra

Valeria–A gunner (defense turret) on Ringerra

Bohl–Tchushkin man and fellow sharpshooter (from the P-75 adventure)

Dhani–A wounded weapons/supplies tech (from the P-75 adventure)

Esch–Human, fellow sharpshooter ( (from the P-75 adventure)


Mitasterites–The gray-skinned Enemy (aggressors of the Great War), ‘Mitties’ for short

Kuyuulshahn–The shipbuilders race, capitalists whose military creations are delivered strictly to Mitasteros and Mitties


Bar–The standard weight unit, equal to three pounds

Blackout–Nickname for a small tactical craft deployed for space battle

Crips–Tchushkin ‘hair’ tendrils; males have two, females have three

Degs–Degrees, as in view (full panorama is 400 degs)

Flicking (flick)–Common expletive, multiple uses

G.A.S.–A Mitasterite Global Assault Ship (built by the Kuyuulshahn)

Geridia–An atmospheric element on P-75 which lends a hazelnut flavor to the air and, in upper atmosphere, causes Conversion of the sky from green to purple at noon

Giovanni 19–Vereeth’s rifle

Gorrahtz–An epidemic-level cancer afflicting millions of Mitasterites

Gutchibra–Mitasterite Special Forces.

Heap–The standard large-weight unit, 700 bars ( or 2,100 pounds)

Humans–Human beings (not from Earth or our galaxy)

Jagurprops–A Pashunderran hermit marooned on P-75 for almost 20 years

Joffe–A T.U. sniper chief and Vereeth’s late mentor; also the name of the cook on Ringerra

Karran–A T.U. general and the late P-75 Base commander

Kyss X and Kyss Y–Twin suns of a binary star system that will eventually eat itself, destroying P-75

Leg–A yard or three feet

Min–A minute (mins—minutes)

Mlua–The Pashunderran term for ‘Sir’, a sign of respect

Pashunderran–The blue-skinned, red-haired peoples from Pashunderra (Prubius, Laren-Lay and Jagurprops are Pashunderran)

Pigrahb root–A common Pashunderran staple food, versatile and smelly (the galaxy’s potato)

Satok–Shit (and a multi-purpose expression, like ‘satokky’ for ‘shitty’)


Sky Claws–Nickname for Mitasterite aerial support, a two-man weapons platform

Slug–Nickname for Mitasterite troop carrier, which resembles a giant slug

Starport–A large space station

Szellenyte–The red crystalline fuel the Mitasterites sought on Preciless 75

Trieste Union–The T.U., the good guys, an alliance comprising nineteen worlds (with different races/ethnicities) plus their territories and outposts

Tchushkin–The hairless, lavender-skinned peoples from Tchushkolarya (Bohlshivra and Vereeth’s friend Layla are Tchushkin)

Turops–Mitasterite currency, as opposed to T.U. credits

Vicazine–A versatile, harmless gas used in compression guns and space vehicles/installations (creating gravity via vicratic magnets)

Vleeyohzee–A crippling neural disease which paralyzes and eventually kills the afflicted


Antahrrus 5–The T.U.’s farming world and supply planet (naturally protected by proto-magnetic fields, necessitating the quest for szellenyte on P-75)

Helops–The planet of the Heloppikans, nearly eradicated by a 23-year conflict with the Kuyuulshahn

Metlahva–A T.U. world and site of the bombing which started the war

Mitasteros–The heavily-industrialized Mitasterite home planet

Pashunderra–A mountainous, peaceful world once dominated by giant scorpions

Precor Max–Vereeth’s home planet (her aunt and uncle live on Northern Reach continent, her parents on Jadge)

Rhyosh–A T.U. planet, home of the Army’s Central Command and Special Forces training

Ringerra–An arboreal world and site of the T.U.’s backup Special Forces base

Shen-Zinkh–A rogue planet outside the T.U., best known for stunning beaches and for piracy/smuggling activities

Sigundhai–The main T.U. planet and seat of power

Tchushkolarya–A desert planet in the T.U. where civilization thrives in cooler canyon cities

TK-421–A mostly lifeless moon Vereeth has to visit

Vishulahrya–The beautiful, magical playground planet for the wealthy, popular among Kuyuulshahn and other elites (the galaxy’s Hawaii)

Zycarsus–A small arboreal world on the frontier, sparsely populated (by people) but with notable features like the Lost and the Nikos Wall