Endgame and Green Lights

Two months ago, on the eve of self-publishing my third book, I wrote about the frustration and worry of putting so much effort (1,500 hours, at least) into a novel that so few people might read.

Well, THIS makes it all worth it!


I was blown away (not by a Sky Claw [enemy warplane] fortunately!) by Endgame.  My hearty congratulations!  I think it’s a fantastic achievement.  I’ve already recommended it highly to several people.  
Here’s my review
Justin Edison has fashioned a beautifully crafted and near-flawless galactic war tale in turns surprising, gripping and amusing. I so loved this book and can not wait for its sequel, may there be many!
5 stars – by S.F.


Endgame cover by Greg Simanson Designs. Cover shows characters, rockets and a woman's eye against a green-ice background and twin suns, orange lettering. "The war begins" is added at the top.
More than anything, it’s a green light to keep going with this madness.

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