Endgame is published!

I’m pleased to announce that my third novel “Endgame” is now available for Kindle. You can find it here.

(For those who don’t have a Kindle, other digital formats will be available around the holidays. The paperback version should be released in a few weeks.)

Fans of war fiction, science fiction, adventure stories, cold environments and anyone who wants to see a woman kick some ass (my heroine, sniper captain June Vereeth) will enjoy this tale!

If you’d like to read the beginning chapters first, they are here.

Other nonsense related to the story can be found here.


Endgame cover by Greg Simanson Designs. Cover shows characters, rockets and a woman's eye against a green-ice background and twin suns, orange lettering. "The war begins" is added at the top.


4 thoughts on “Endgame is published!

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