“Endgame” music

“Endgame” is almost out. Bam!

The summary: Following a cataclysmic battle, a sniper captain and four soldiers become trapped on an ice planet 50 million miles behind enemy lines. They have no communications, little food and less ammo. The local wildlife (whales, giant hawks) is taking an interest in them. Best of all, their enemies are returning to the surface in droves.

For months, my head has been filled with scenes and a trailer and the music that might go with them. When they make the movie (Isn’t there a blockbuster coming?!)  this is the song that keeps playing with the trailer: “Moth” by Audioslave.

Other songs on the playlist:

“Don’t Drink the Water” by the Dave Matthews Band. (I prefer the live version from Folsom Field.)

“DT” by AC/DC. (No good video for this instrumental.)

“Wither” by Dream Theater. (To me, the instrumental version found on disc 3 of “Black Clouds” works best.)

“Terminal Frost” by Pink Floyd.

Horizontes Finales” by Enrico Pieranunzi (and Colley and Sanchez).


Endgame cover mockup of green-tinged ice landscape with sniper-scope on gray-skinned Mitasterite's eye

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