“Destruction” Preview

My war novel “Endgame” is just about published.

Hopefully, some readers will enjoy the adventures of my heroine, sharpshooter captain June Vereeth. She’s been so much fun to work with (as a character) that I’ve decided to give her three more books, all set during the ten-year conflict called The Great War. Each will hopefully be vastly different from the others, though they’ll follow chronological order and, of course, pertain to Captain Vereeth’s particular corner of the conflict. As with the events on P-75, the frozen setting for “Endgame,” the story should always be about people in unusual circumstances.

“Destruction” is writing itself. An image of fogged-in rock pillars came to mind and my goofy brain has run with it. Read it here. Cheers!


Snow mountainous image with red lettering for Endgame and author Justin Edison

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