“Doublesight” review

Here’s my Amazon review of Terry Persun’s fantasy novel, “Doublesight”:


Terry Persun’s 2013 fantasy novel, which kicked off a series of books and similar adventures, offers a rich tapestry for a dangerous world. We enter a world, the Great Land , caught between ages. In the past, the shape shifting doublesight and humans (or singlesight) coexisted peacefully (until fear – based wars wrecked almost everything). The shaky future most everyone fears could be filled with rampant bloodshed and abomination. In this time of uncertainty, we meet Zimp, Brok, Lankgor and Raik, appointed heroes from disparate clans who must travel to gain information about the terrible rumors.

Doublesight novel in my leather chair
The journey motif, of course, works well in a land of bandits and mistrust. One of the places Persun’s talent really shines is the sense of isolation and differentness each of the heroes feels. Motivations are clouded by each character’s own desires and faults. They don’t particularly like each other, at the start. Another key component is the moral ambiguity at work through out the story. These heroes literally don’t know, sometimes, who they should be fighting or fighting for. They don’t know if it’s okay to kill humans in self defense, and if that’s extended to other doublesight who would conspire to bring about the end of all. The only rules seem to be self-imposed, handed down from generations past and stemming from a mythology none of the characters was around to witness. They’re proud of their animal sides (which, interestingly, also takes over their minds during the so-called shift) but they also loathe themselves for it, just as they despise witnessing the “intimate” act of another person’s shifting. Persun doesn’t shy away from some of the harshness or the gruesome potential of such a world (‘abomination’ shows up a few times). Though the end of this book really marks only the start of a larger journey and conflict, it has a satisfying climax filled with hope. I’m reaching for the next one already.

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