A Quick Farewell

Like countless people, I was shocked this morning to learn of the passing of actor Alan Rickman. Cancer claims another one, at the age of just 69.

I suppose there’s a lot of great things I could say about Mr. Rickman, but I’ll be brief. I never got to meet him, of course, but I think he’s like one of those old family friends I would’ve been happy to have over for Christmas dinner and such.

I recall seeing him in his screen debut, 1988’s “Die Hard”, and thinking, Boy, that guy is good! I haven’t seen even half his work (more stage than anything) but he always, consistently delivered a believable character. Even when he played a villain (headlines link him predominantly with Professor Severus Snape of the “Harry Potter” films) you wanted to root for him because his part was so convincing and charming. Everything felt comfortable with Mr. Rickman in it.

So, while my kids would recognize him as Potter’s nemesis Snape or Alexander Dane in “Galaxy Quest” I’ll go check out his other works.

It kind of feels like I’ve lost a friend today.

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