Doublesight Story

Per author Terry Persun’s suggestion, I just published this story, The Song of Jemma, in his Kindle Worlds Doublesight section.


For her 50th birthday, the barren spinster Jemma is sent by the Seer to go work in Dyson’s Lair, a frightening carnival. After reluctantly working as a seamstress on the animal train bound for the carnival, she arrives and soon meets the “imprisoned” Weela and the black panther she’s training, Nala. Dyson’s Lair is not for the faint of heart–a place of circus acts and life-or-death contests. And there’s more to Jemma’s new friends than meets the eye. After a warning from an enigmatic traveler, Jemma learns her new friends are doublesight, people who can morph into the animal of their clanspeople. And they’re in trouble.

Can Jemma make the right choice before it’s too late?



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