The Work

Awake at 4:45 this morning and at my laptop at 5:03.

Why? Why do it? I’m going to be dog-tired this afternoon. It’ll be a little tougher during a workout. I may get short with the kids (still off for the Silly Season break). I’ll definitely be yawning when I read them tonight, in another 13 hours. I’m always yawning these days. Why do it?

Red pen and coffee mug with Edison's draft work.

Because my fourth novel “Tempest Road” is a bit of a mess and I’m excited about correcting it.

Because the work needs full attention before kids roam the house.

Because my various to-do lists – that amorphous storm of obligations and desires – will be calling once the sun is up.

Tired and groggy and inspired (or not) this is my time.

And it may be all the time I have.

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