Schnoz Betrayal

Me: Nose, why did you drop that string yesterday morning during soccer? I turned to defend Ryan and that thing was swinging like a trapeze.
Nose: Who me? Whaddya expect, it’s winter time.
Me: But I didn’t tell you to do that. Man, that was nasty.
Nose: It didn’t get on him. He can deal. Besides, I don’t think he even noticed.
Me: How could he miss it? Six inches of ooze flailing out there. After all we’ve been through…how could you betray me like that?!
Nose: Last week, when you went for a header and that ball used me for a ski slope? Remember that? Payback!
Me: Not fair. That ball dove on me.
Nose: Nuh-uh–talk to the hand.
Edison's nose, that's right.

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