Read “The Age of Ice”

It’s December now, so how about a reading rec for those longing for enough snow to ski/snowboard (or pelt the kids)?

Published in 2013, J.M. Sidorova’s first novel is a “new” Russian epic – a fantastical tale which artfully blends the science, exploration, sins and violent history of the great white land.

The story begins in 1740 in the famed Ice Palace, where Prince Alexander Velitzyn and his polar-opposite twin brother were conceived in shame. That the story “ends” with protagonist Alexander in modern times should tell you that this is no ordinary tale. Something of a lost soul, Alexander is bound by both nature and circumstance to navigate an ever-changing world. From the wealth of St. Petersburg to the hot wastes of wartime Afghanistan to the economic currents of the western world, the hero’s journey takes him back to the point of his very existence. With many memorable scenes, lush settings and vivid characters, “The Age of Ice” is a great read.

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