A Sort of Victory

As a fiction writer–novelist, artist (French accent applies), whatever–there aren’t too many victories along the black-ice road. (You thought I was going to say ‘dry and dusty,’ didn’t you?) So few victories (barring a big fat royalty check or award) that we consider finishing something to be a victory by itself. Yup, damned right.

So before I get into that Mammoth Cave of questions–When is it done, Have you said everything you wanted to say, blah blah–I get to celebrate a victory of sorts.

A slice of Santori cake, fork and coffee mug

For me, a slice of well-earned Santori cake was the prize. Apples, walnut, sugar, lots of badness…one of those perfect things (courtesy of Pasta & Co.) in life. It will have to do, for now. Because finishing a novel is just one leg of the journey to bringing that novel to life.

The black-and-white planet sketch and red lettering for Endgame

“Endgame” is my fourth book, a war novel. As you can tell from the professional-looking cover, I’m waiting for someone to come along and help with the visuals. But that will come later. For now, after three years of taking notes (when I was still working on “The Churning“) I’m done with Captain June Vereeth and her survival adventure. Happy with it? Absolutely. Done working on it? For now, until an editor gets their hands on it.

Now onto the fifth book!…

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