Music for “The Churning”

A friend asked me what music I imagine going on the soundtrack for “The Churning.” Since I dream of it being made into a movie, why not? Here’s a few tracks. Obviously, I lean toward the heavy stuff for a story like this – no harps or clarinets in Arman Hessabi’s life!


“Grind” by Alice In Chains – just perfect!

“Tarantula” by Smashing Pumpkins – it captures the sometimes frenetic and furious energy of soccer.

“Poison My Eyes” by Anthrax – one of my favorites, heavy and challenging, great for sports (and dark material).

“Root of All Evil” by Dream Theater – another of my all-time favorites, this song deals with addiction and power.

“Rooms 1,000 Years Wide” by Soundgarden – epic, hammering, great for workouts and dark stories.

Sink with blood in it.

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