Read “The Last Lecture”

Get your Kleenex box ready, first. This autobiography (of sorts) isn’t all about death and dying–or how pancreatic cancer rears its ugly head, once more–but it’s impossible to overlook the driving force behind the titular event.

Randy Pausch would lose his battle to cancer in the summer in 2008. Before he went, he wanted to impart basically every non-computer related thing he ever learned (good and bad) to audience members at this Carnegie Mellon lecture, to his friends and family, and mostly to his 3 young kids. What we get is a person who loved life, saw the best in people and was a kick-ass teacher because he’d learned from his own mistakes.

I felt like I knew him after reading the book, which makes it hard to get through the end. He writes with honesty, without schmaltz and isn’t afraid of cliche. Because of that, his story has lifelong lessons for all of us.


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