By the Numbers…

So, I’ve submitted my final manuscript for publication of “The Churning.” Finally! Took a while, to be sure.

The novel was unofficially born (seed idea) in May of 2010. I worked on it like mad – stumbling and tripping and pulling my hair – for 3+ years, self-publishing it in November of 2013. I was happy with it.

A year ago, I got the awesome news that Seattle-based Booktrope wanted to publish it. Rock! So, since then, my life has included a sort of conveyor belt that slowly gained speed – getting pieces into place, thoughts flying back-and-forth between myself and editors, missed proofreader windows (my fault), questions about the cover, etc. Now, finally, we have a final draft, a cover that kicks keester, and we’re ready to go.

Our pet skeleton succumbs to work over "The Churning"

“I can’t stands no moo-ah!”

With all of this coming to a head during the month known for Turkey Day and NaNoWriMo (the annual competition to write a 50k-word novel in November), I thought I’d try to put some numbers out there. Helpful or not, here’s what I think has happened. (BTW, I’ve never entered the NaNoWriMo competition–1,670 words per day–though I’ll try it sometime.)

Since the Alice In Chains song “Grind” has been playing in my mind a lot the past few months, I perused the Wikipedia file for fun. Apparently, according to that entry, the band wrote and recorded an album, Jar of Flies, in one week. Yikes. Four guys and a producer, collaborating…a week. Me, myself and I (and then some editors and readers)…way too *%^&-ing long.

For my part on “The Churning”:

Hours spent (including writing, brainstorming, revising, wanting to put a fork in my eye) — 2,600. (The original Word file tallied 1,500 hours alone.)

Words, final — 63,000

Words, original — 78,200

Mentions of “churning”, final — 4.

Coffee consumed — 39,000 oz. (est.) or 8,000 “cups” ( at 5 oz.)

Miles walked — 210 (I walk/pace a lot when writing)

Pages printed (sorry, Mother Earth) — 2,400 (est.)

Pages of notes, etc. — 500 (est.)

Meows from the cat — 23,000 (she talks a lot)

Number of times I was up before the sun — 1,100 (est.)

Soccer games (mostly pick-up) — 375

Times stubbing a toe — 7

Times I thought, “No, that won’t fly.” — 50 (est.)

Number of reviews — ???

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