“The Churning” fact 11

At one point, hero Arman Hessabi’s nemesis, Fat Man, taunts him with a bowl of cereal. Deprived of food, Arman wants it but can’t have it. He recalls how his trainer, Drosh, won’t let him have cereal. It’s not for a Premier League star.

Even though I don’t look like a pro athlete, being honest, cereal is one of those things that’s not on my menu right now. The carbs, pure carbs. I miss cereal: as Arman says, a vat of five or six kinds blended together, with some cinnamon and fruit, that would be awesome. That’s what I used to chow down on, followed most every time by guilt and a calculation of running miles/soccer time spent by the soggy dregs.

Alas, in thinner times…or something like that.

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