“The Churning” fact 8

Arman Hessabi began his pro soccer career with the Chicago Fire.


Fun relevant daily facts, according to common knowledge and historynet.com:

Not exactly fun, but kinda relevant: On this night, in 1871, the story goes that the O’Leary cow kicked over a lantern and ignited the Great Chicago Fire. The wind-fueled devastation wipes out one-third of the City of Big Shoulders, kills approximately 200 (no official count) and leaves 100,000 homeless. No more wood structures in the city, which rebounds rather quickly.

Coincidentally, on the same night (and not exactly fun) a firestorm brings tragedy to the logging town of Peshtigo, Wisconsin, killing about 300. Before the advent of the Internet, this calamity was so poorly known that few outside the Upper Midwest knew of it. Hessabi would not have heard of it.

However, as I said, fire has a presence in “The Churning.”


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