“The Churning” fact 7

Hessabi’s Culverhouse Crossing manager is a former Serie A star, Periconi. In one scene (which has probably been cut from the book) Periconi grills Hessabi about being able to play at this level. He does so wearing a suit, tie and Cucinelli loafers which run about 800 euros. Ironically, Hessabi would play well enough to earn tons of money (more than enough for the shoes) but would never put such “slippers” on his feet.


Fun relevant daily facts, according to historynet.com:

Today in 1849, the world loses the cherished dark writer Edgar Allan Poe at the age of 40. Hessabi was a fan of “The Raven” and (ironically) “The Cask of Amontillado”, among others.

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