“The Churning” fact 5

Arman Hessabi – much to his chagrin – isn’t strong enough to break either the carabiner-enforced handcuffs or the chain and leg shackles binding him to a chair. He wonders why he can’t, though he can bench press 190 pounds and pull 170 on the seated row. He’s a Premier League athlete. Why can’t he bend or break steel? His Uncle Amir, an engineer, reminds him why.

a purple carabiner

a purple carabiner

Fun relevant daily facts, according to historynet.com:

Today in 1962, the film version of the first James Bond story, “Dr. No”, debuts with actor Sean Connery in the lead role. Hessabi doesn’t have to deal with electrified grating or spiders or a fire-breathing “dragon”, though fire is a behind-the-scenes threat is some of the book.

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