“The Churning” fact 1

In anticipation of the release of my forthcoming novel (guess the title), here’s a fact about the story you didn’t know:

Arman Hessabi plays for the fictional EPL team of Culverhouse Crossing, the Sentries. Their kits are orange and black, perfect for October and Halloween! (Even though the story takes place in March, it’s dark and scary so we’ll just pretend is has October relevance.)

If I’d had my act together, I could’ve gotten a custom-made jersey for the occasion. But my marketing budget is a bit on the paltry side, so…look what else you can do with Legos.

Orange CC Sentries jersey with black 10.

Arman Hessabi’s jersey would be similar. Go Sentries!



Fun relevant daily facts, according to historynet.com:

In 331 BC, Alexander the Great opens a tactical can of whoop-A (can I still say that in 2015???) on King Darius III’s Persian army at Gargamel-a (or something like that, probably in the desert) and becomes master of the Persian Empire. Oops.

In 1975, Ali beats Frazier in the “Thrilla in Manilla”. Okay, so the book pulls a couple punches, too.


Happy October 1st!

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