When to Try Again

coffeebookA while ago, I got the great news that Booktrope, a local publisher and support org, is going to re-publish “The Churning.” The launch-date isn’t set, yet, because, well, it’s still a work in progress.

For a fiction writer, there’s this key if nebulous question: When is it done? When it’s published? When you’re sick of working on it? When someone else accepts it, signaling a ‘good-enough’ stopping point? Some debate whether a novel is ever ‘done’. It just happens to see the light – via publisher – in some form the writer is, hopefully, okay with.

So, roughly two years ago, I was done with my second novel, “The Churning”. I’d made a ton of bumbling blunders with my first book (which wasn’t my first, really) and I wasn’t making those mistakes again! So, after three years of work (2200 hours’ worth) I was happy with “The Churning”. In a nutshell, it’s the story of a brash, egotistical Persian-American soccer star who gets kidnapped in Europe. Dark. Fun. I enjoyed the hell out of it.

But in the process of getting it out via Booktrope, a couple editors have pushed me to question whether I was done the first time around. Was it as good as it could be? Were all my original intents clear?

Sure looks like I made, oh, a few mistakes once again! Fan-tastic. Now I had to consider going back and re-opening that sealed box? Seriously? After 30+ passes on it the first time around?

So, I did. And I’m editing like mad. And the jury’s still out on whether this is enjoyable…

(to be continued)

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