Got Cash?

Here’s a mind-blower:

The other day, I went to the bank to deposit and check and get a little cash.

After making some small-talk, the pleasant teller lady produced my cash…from a cash-dispenser!


It looked like an office recycling bin, except with the black paper recepticle sticking out to give paper.

I asked the gal about it, and she said she loved it. ‘No more worries’, or something to that effect.

About counting five – five! – Andrew Jacksons? Seriously?

In college, in the days before our credit card craze, I worked a movie theater box office. We’d take in $3-$4000 easily, in cash. The till was off by $1.50 if it was off at all. It was among the most brain-dead activities one can think of. Was I ever worried about getting it wrong? Nope.

Now, to think that some company somewhere spent millions to design, test, market and sell a machine that would dispense five bills as a time. Gosh, maybe even ten of them.

I didn’t bother to ask about it further. Though I’m no cynic, I’m sure that bank policy would cite ‘security’ or similar nonsense. Yes, Sue the teller, watched by three video cameras at the place of her employment, is actually going to pocket a twenty. That’s a worthwhile device.

What’s next? Cars that turn the headlights on automatically, so that people don’t have to trouble themselves?

Oh, wait…

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